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I asked this question and this is because she has ; almost broken my wrists (3 times), winded me, punched me in the stomach, pinched me with her nails, pulled my hair so hard it felt like she was pulling all of it out, bent my fingers back and slapped me continuously. These are only 1/8 of the things she has done to me. There is 18 months between us. She is 12 and I am almost 11. Also she has said to me I was an accident when I was born and I wasn't meant to be born and she doesn't love me. She says lots of things to me and it makes me cry.

If she hates me I hate her too :'(

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Scarlett Bashirian

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2y ago
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14y ago

The question should be, WHY is he your boyfriend if he doesnt like you. Hate is a very strong word. Has he told you this or done something that has given you this impression. If so, go find someone that treats you better. If this is in your impression of him, then you need to get some self confidence. You decide. cuz ure fugly

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11y ago

i don't know why but if your dad hates you it's problaby for the best

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13y ago

their annoying because they think they should be tough on u even if it is for a stupid or idiotic reason.

cause some of them or morons

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Q: Why does my boyfriend hate me?
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