Why does marijuana calm you down?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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because you get high as fnck

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Q: Why does marijuana calm you down?
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What is the meaning of Weed?

its meant to calm you down it means marijuana get high yay

Marijuana and lorazepam effects on heart rate?

marijuana can cause anxiety wich increases your heart rate , lorazepam will slow down your heart rate and calm you

What organization is against medical marijuana?

CALM (Citizens against legalizing marijuana)

What medical purposes is marijuana use for?

It can calm anxiety

What is the verb for calm?

Calm is an action, so it is already a verb. As in "to calm down" or "to calm someone down".Calms, calming and calmed are verbs too."Please calm down"."He is calming the boss down"."He calmed the room".

What is the name of the song that goes baby calm calm calm down?

Calm Down, Baby by Mac Lethal.

What is calm down?

Calm Down is when someone mad or something so people usually say "calm down"

How do people react on marijuana?

They become calm, cheerful, lazy and hungry.

How do you say calm down?

You can say "calm down" in different ways such as "take a deep breath," "relax," or "stay calm."

Can you use Ambien to calm down?

Ambien will not calm you down.

Translate calm down in Samoan?

"Calm down" - "To'a mai"

What are the effect of marijuana use?

Having calm, happy, and euphoric feelings........ and hunger.