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It blocks the blood flow in your body causing a lack of oxygen to your brain.

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Q: Why does locking your knees make you pass out?
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Can locking your knees make you pass out?

It definitely can, but it does not always occur. Depending on how your knees are shaped, standing with your knees bent for just 10 minutes can sometimes make you faint. If your knees are shaped a certain way, then locking your knees pinches a major artery just slightly, stopping a small amount of blood to stay in your legs instead of going to your brain. The longer you stand like that, the less oxygen goes to you brain. First you will feel woozy, then you might feel very nauseous, and then you wake up on the ground, wondering what happened. Just recently during a choir performance I, not knowing any of this yet, stood with my knees locked the entire time, because it uses less muscle. I felt like I was going to throw up, saw colors, and then I woke up on the floor with three other choir members trying to help me up.

Should you lock your knees while doing a barbell curl?

No no no! Locking your knees while exercising in any way can cause joint problems and hyper-extension. Never lock your knees!

Why do your feet sometimes go bright red when you have been stood up for a while?

your feet turn red because all the blood in your body is going down to your feet, due to gravity, if you stand up to long with your knees locked you may pass out because the blood going to you brain lessons witch causes dizziness and lost of people pass out, EXAMPLE: people in wedding pass out all the time.....clue? they are locking their knees for to long........!

Will locking your legs for a period of time make you pass out please elaberate?

yes, it will. When you lock your legs it cuts off the circulation

What is an air locking windows?

Air locking windows are types of windows that do not allow air to pass through them. These are the types of windows that are normally used in aircrafts.

How long does it take to pass out with locked knees?

I had my knees locked for a while, and it hadn't even been one minute when I started feeling dizzy and passed put.

Do you pass out if you lock your knees for fifteen minutes?

yes it has happened to me and was a none to pleasent expeirence

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