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Sneezing is a release of endorphins, which are chemicals in your body that make you feel good. (For example, after you exercise, you feel better, because exercising releases endorphins) So sneeze away!

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Because your sneeze reflex uses air from your respiratory system in order to power the sneeze. It induces a contraction close to spasm in your lungs & diaphragm to suck in air quickly in order to sneeze, to propel out of your nose offending material from your nasal passages and even from areas that are deeper into your sinuses. Sometimes you will sneeze a number of times in a row, and when this happens, it's very difficult to breathe, both because the hard, sharp inhalation (taking in of air) doesn't give your lungs enough time to process it and pull out the oxygen you need, and, as well, the fact that the violent expelling (exhalation) of that air in the sharp sneeze happens immediately afterward. If you're having a sheezing fit and you begin to feel dizzy, sit down, and if you can take anti-histamines, take a mild OTC version such as Benadryl.

If you are troubled by a lot of sneezing and other chronic symptoms of Allergies or other respiratory difficulties, see your health care provider.

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Q: Why does it feel so good to sneeze?
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Is it bad when you sneeze an cough together?

No, but it might not feel good.

What does jerry Seinfeld feel you should say to someone after a sneeze?

"you're good looking"

Is it good to sneeze?

Sneezing isn't bad in any way, but I don't see why it's good. I'd say it's pretty bad because you'll probbaly get tired of it. I guess sneezing is good because you feel nice after a huge wet sneeze, and if you don't cover your mouth, it starts to smell good, a breeze of wet i love the smell of sneeze!

Why do you occationaly sneeze?

We sneeze occasionally because every so often, we breathe something into our nose that irritates its lining. It's usually something like dust or dirt, and when it irritates your nose, you feel a big tickle. Then, you sneeze, which is your body's way of getting the dust and stuff out of your nose.

What is a sneeze fetish?

A sneeze fetish is when you like when people sneeze around you. It may or may not turn you on, but you like the way a sneeze sounds or even looks. The intense build-up to a sneeze is almost orgasmic, and people say that a sneeze is just 1/8 of an orgasm.

A rhyme denotes what happens when you sneeze on certain days of the week what happens on Tuesday?

If you sneeze on a Tuesday, you will kiss a stranger. The whole rhyme goes: If you sneeze on Monday, you sneeze for danger; Sneeze on a Tuesday, kiss a stranger; Sneeze on a Wednesday, sneeze for a letter; Sneeze on a Thursday, something better; Sneeze on a Friday, sneeze for sorrow; Sneeze on a Saturday, see your sweetheart to-morrow.

Why do you never sneeze just one time?

Some people only sneeze once. Like me but my sneeze is a scream. I sneeze from my throat so that is probably why I only sneeze once. When you sneeze it is normally because your nasal passages are filled with mucus and your body is trying to remove it. When you sneeze multiple times it is just a reaction. Have you noticed if someone tickles your nose or you look at the sun you sneeze? After one sneeze some people have that tickle feeling so they sneeze repeatedly.

Why are your eyes closed when you sneeze?

u can't open your eyes when u are doing a real sneeze but u can when doing a fake. we feel that germs will fall in our eyes.

What should you do when you have sneeze why?

You should cover your mouth, so that your sneeze droplets don't fly everywhere.

What does it mean when your arms hurt after you sneeze?

Your heart stops when you sneeze, so mabie your nerves were interrupted.

Why don't fish sneeze?

Fish do not have a respiratory system capable of sneezing like mammals do. Additionally, their gills filter out particles from the water, rather than using a nose to filter out particles from the air like humans do when they sneeze.

Can you sneeze so hard that your head explodes?

no you cannot sneeze so hard that your head explodes, nobody has ever done that before.