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It feels like your not sleeping because , you are not awake when your sleeping so that's why it feels like you are not sleeping.

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Q: Why does it feel like you are not sleeping?
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Not sleep before sleep you feel like sleeping what is that word?


Why does it feel like you are floating when you fall asleep?

Most of your muscles are relaxed while sleeping.

Why are you sleeping all day but if you eat anything you feel like you're going to throw it back up?

If you are sleeping all day and feel like throwing up anything you eat, you may have an immune disease and you should talk to your doctor about it.

When you are pregnant do you feel uncomfortable sleeping?

yes i do feel uncomfortble because i am use to sleep on my stomach and now i can't sleep like that.

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Personally, while I find them to be warm, they are uncomfortable as there is no padding when sleeping on like a mattress; the ground is hard and lumpy! Aslo I feel a bit like a caterpillar when in one.

What is it like to have a cast?

dreadful you feel like you are sleeping with a rock at night you even if you break your foot have to walk around with crutches.

How do people feel after sleeping?

We usually feel rested XD

Why do babies like sleeping on their mothers stomachs?

Because it makes them feel secure, They can feel the warmth and hear the the rhythm of the heartbeat, something they lived with since conception.

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