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No. It is wrong to sleep with your aunt but if you want to sleep next to your aunt, that is okay.

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Q: Can a small boy sleep with his aunt?
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Should you sleep with your aunt?

If she looks good then go for it. Aunt's are the best

What are you to your uncle and aunt?

If you are a girl, you are a niece to you aunt and uncle. If you are a boy, you are their nephew.

What is it called when your an aunt of a boy?

He would be your nephew. The boy is your nephew.

What does your aunt call your child?

Your child is your aunt's great nephew (if he is a boy) or great niece (if she is a girl). Your aunt is your child's great aunt.

Are you related to your aunt's nephew?

Your aunt is the sister of your father or mother. Her nephews are the children of her brothers and sisters.So, if you are a boy, you are your aunt's nephew. If you are a girl and you have a brother, your aunt's nephew is your brother. Whether you are a girl or a boy, if your aunt has brothers or sisters who are not your parents, and any of them have a son, that son is your aunt's nephew and your first cousin.That said, you may also not be related to your aunt's nephew. If your aunt is married and her husband has a brother or sister who has a son, that boy is also your aunt's nephew, but you are not related to him.

What would your niece's baby boy be in relation to the niece's aunt?

Your niece's son is her aunt's great nephew and the aunt is the son's great aunt.

What relation are you to your aunt's husband?

Your aunt's husband is your uncle. You are his nephew if you are a boy, niece if you are a girl.

How can you use the word aunt in a sentence?

I love my aunt and uncle. The boy's aunt was his mother's older sister, and she was very strict.

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How do you sleep with a boy?

You get into his bed with him and go to sleep

What is the relation of a boy to the boy of his father's sister's son?

cousin... the fathers sister is the 1st boys aunt. any children the aunt has is the 1st boys cousin.

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