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Because he's giving the hint that he likes you, or is teasing.

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Because he is laughing AT you.

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Q: Why does he send you a wink face an txt wean you talk to them?
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Why was he looking at you wean you were walking you see him looking at you do guys just look at girls?

maybe he's interested in you *nudge nudge wink wink*

How do you strike up a conversation with a guy you barely talk to?

Wink at him

How do you make similey faces?

Smiley face is :) - A Wink is ;) - Surprise is :o

How do you do msn winks?

click on the smiley face icon or " " is a smiley face ";)" is a wink ":D" is a big smiley face etc.

What does it mean when a guy texts you wink heart wink heart?

Guys can send many of mixed signals. When a guy tests you a wink, heart, wink, heart, most likely this means he has a crush on you, yet, does not necessarily want to just come right out and say so. Maybe due to what he thinks your reaction could possibly be.

How do you do all of the funny thing with Facebook chat?

if you do :) it makes a smiley face If you do :( it makes a sad face If you do :O it makes a shocked face If you do ;) its a smiley wink If you do ;( its a sad wink and etc. ... There is also....... <3 to make a heart and :P to make one sticking its tongue out...........

Why he send you winking face after you said he is happy all the time?

well....lets see said to him he is happy all the time and his feedback was a wink, seems to me you must be doing something really satisfying for him.

Can you give five examples of smiles?

:) happy face :( sad face :D laugh :P put your toung out ;) wink

Name a way you might show your boss that you are interested in them romantically?

flirt send flowers send a note wink tell them compliment smile

How do you make a guy like you again?

Flirt Around with him.. & everyone!(: && Smile && Talk&& Wink(;

What body language signifies that a man is interested in a woman and how does one tell the difference between a friendly habitual winker and a wink that says more?

A single wink tells more than a wink followed by anything else. A wink and a pucker means sex, a wink and a gesture means sex. Just a wink, go talk to the guy. Still be careful. Now a days you never know. Have a friend near you in case.

What does a half parenthesis followed by a semi colon on Facebook mean?

If you mean this: ;) or this (; is a wink face. Just like :) is a smiley face or :( is a frown.