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Fat keeps the body from being hungry because once you store heavy food in your system it stays in there and you'll get hungry later on but you won't stay hungry at that moment.

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Q: Why does fat keep the body from being hungry?
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If you have an eating disorder how do you keep from being hungry?

ignore it! keep busy, do something, keep moving, even if you feel hungry, think of it as the fact you're feeling lighter!! If you have an eating disorder you need to seek professional help as soon as possible. You can't keep yourself from being hungry. There is no magic pill or method to erase the feeling of hunger. Hunger is your body's way of telling you that it needs food and it needs it soon. Should you choose not to eat your body will start to metabolize the fat cells. Once those are gone the body will start digesting vital organs and other parts of the body. Evenutally, you will die.

Which type of fat is storage fat?

it is the fat your body stores for later when you are hungry i think.

Can avacodo eat body fat?

If it's hungry enough.

Why does your body need oxygen to burn fat?

Your body needs oxygen to do anything! Fat is excess that is not burned off by work (anything that exerts energy) It is stored on the body as fat, then used up when less fat is being taken in. Also in exercise the body uses the fat stores as energy so it can keep going.

Can being overweight keep you from getting pregnant?

No, The Amount of fat cells sorrounding the body dose not effect the overies.

How does fat benefit the body?

fat can keep you extra warm when it is cold but fat isn't very good for you because it can make you very unfit and it is very hard to shift but everyone needs fat in their body to keep healthy.

Why do you need fat you are body?

to keep you insulated (for body warmth) and for food storage for if you stop eating you still have a fat storage to last you for a while to keep you going

How do you keep skinyness and no fat?

Do not eat 3 times, just eat when you are hungry. And stay active because it worked for me!

What happens if you miss three meals?

You put on weight because your body stores all your fat so you don't starve to death. When you get really hungry, your body lets all the fat out from energy.

Why is fat stored?

to keep ur body warm

What is the specific job of a fat cell?

The fat cells store excess energy from food. Fat cells are highly active. They provide triglycerides, keep the body warm, support and cushion vital organs, and help the body use carbohydrates and protein.

It is necessary to keep exercising?

Yes. Exercise is vital to humans. It burns calories, fat, and carbs. Without exercise the body can become overweight and maybe health concerns are involved with being overweight. Keep your body healthy!