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Every person deserves to be happy because we only have one life to live and the life span we have is about 80 years. You live with your 'til you're 18, so most people have 62 years to themselves. You can find happiness through a loved one, family member, faith, athletics, or any type of relationship

(not necessarily meaning a boyfriend or girlfriend, but just a friend) and if you do find happiness through a boyfriend or girlfriend, that is good. Just remember to live your life well and live it positively. Don't be like everyone else. Live outside the norm. Be different or unique. Don't be afraid to do something nice for a change.But overall, everyone deserves happiness at least once in their life

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Q: Why does every person deserve to be happy?
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Is this your happy day?

Every day could be a happy day if one wants it to be. Satisfaction is what makes a person happy.

How do you let go of someone you love who desn't care for you at all?

You relise that you deserve better and that if that person doesnt care for you, they dont deserve you caring for them. I was in a similar situation, I just relised some things werent ment to be and decided to put my head up high and smile. Im still waiting for the one, but you deserve to be happy and its obviously not with this person.

What kind of colors should an elderly person have in their room?

purple or brown Colors that they like or colors that make them happy. Why worry about taste, if a certain color will make someone happy, do it for them. In your senior years you deserve to live with whatever makes you happy

Can you give me a sentence using the word deserve?

I actually want to deserve a raise. I am not certain that your question will deserve an answer. Every good boy will deserve favor.

Who is happiest person in the world?

Nobody in this world is always happy. And nobody can be regarded as the happiest person in the world. But every person who he(or she) considers himself(or herself) as the happiest person in the world can be the happiest one. (i.e. the one who always stays happy) Every person (human) has one sorrow/sadness each. Everybody can be happy for secs, minutes, hours, days or weeks or... but not always.

Are you happy person or not so happy person?

Im happy person

Is it a mental illness to feel like you deserve to be alone?

No it is not a mental illness if a person feels they deserve by peace and quiet alone every so often, but it is a problem if the person does nothing but want to be alone and becomes a hermit or ceases to see family and friends. A person who enjoys their own company and can entertain themselves is a person that is mature and has a good balance with their own psyche.

Why would he love to look after you and take care of you?

Short Answer: They believe that you deserve it and maybe it makes them happy to see you happy. There are good people out there.

What can you do about your ex who is a lying cheating scum bag?

Be happy and successful. Forget him. He doesn't deserve you.

Why are some people unaffected by daily crying and still they ransack and why do they deserve happy family life?

So many of them are unhappy themselves that they are not the ones to deserve. They can be happier from crying even though ransacking attain the happy family life. The paradox is the rule.

Women bleed every month due?

because they deserve it

Why are teachers striking?

To get their rights! Teachers aren't happy about certain things. Teachers deserve rights!