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Fluids seek their lowest level. So if there is swelling in a limb, elevating makes the fluids go to other parts of the body, lower than that limb, and allows normal flow of fluids in that limb.

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Q: Why does elveating a limb help reduce swelling?
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How does elevating reduce swelling and bleeding?

Elevating a limb for example helps reduce swelling & bleeding because of gravity. Putting your leg or arm up enables gravity to help keep fluid from accumulating there. Likewise, it makes it harder for your blood to get to that part of your body...less blood means less bleeding.

I had partial knee replacement about a year ago and have a big problem with swelling and stiffness?

Swelling after knee replacement surgery is common provided it is not abnormal and in excess. If it is too much then ankle pumping exercises and limb elevation might help. If swelling has condensed then it can create knee stiffness. Hope it helps.

How do you reduce swelling after knee arthroscopy?

The two methods for reducing swelling are keeping the limb elevated, preferably above your heart level, and using ice on the swollen area. You can use an ice pack, or just ice in a cloth or in a plastic baggy. Even frozen vegetables can be used as an ice pack.

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Why elevate an injury?

When you suspect fracture, dislocation, impaled object, or spinal injury.

How do you support individual with its use artificial limb?

If a person has an artificial limb and needs help, you ask that person, "How can I help you?" He or she knows far more about such needs and techniques than I do.

What is the purpose of splinting a fractured limb?

To reduce pain and prevent further damage, and to keep bone from moving

How is a blood clot diagnosed?

physician may also notice such physical signs of a blood clot as the swelling blue bulge, discoloration of a limb, or an ulcer. Medical personnel will also check for a missing or lowered pulse or blood pressure in a limb.

What do fractures look like?

Fractures usually begin with intense pain and swelling at the site of injury. Obvious deformities, such as a crooked or otherwise misshapen limb, point to a possible fracture. Pain that prevents the use of a limb may also indicate a break.

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