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From To Kill a Mockingbird? He says he'd like to be a clown when he grows up because he likes to laugh. Later, Scout and Jem tell him that clowns make other people laugh.

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Q: Why does dill say he will be a clown when he grows up?
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What kind of clown does dill want to be what is the reason?

dill says he wants to be a clown when he grows up because he is going through an emotional patch in his life. Also i dont think he will keep this ambition for long as he is only young and doesnt understand what he wants to do yet with his life.

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Why does Mr Raymond say about dill things haven't caught up with that one's instinct yet let him get a little older and he won't get sick and cry?

Mr. Raymond is referencing Dill's youthful innocence and naivety. He suggests that as Dill grows older, he will become more accustomed to life's challenges and will not be as emotionally affected by them. Essentially, Mr. Raymond is indicating that with age comes experience and resilience.

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