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well, I guess it does melt the eggshell. Are you sure about it?

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Q: Why does cola not melt the eggs eggshell?
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What happens to an eggshell in Coca Cola?

it just changes the color of the eggshell

Does Coca-Cola take a eggshell off?

No. At least it shouldn't. Cola should only be strong enough to slowly corrode off rust. If the cola is strong enough to take an eggshell off, then they screwed up the recipe.

How does vinegar effict eggs?

The vinegar reacts with the eggshell, dissolving the eggshell.

How strong is acetic acid?

strong enough to melt an eggshell

Is the shell on a brown egg thicker than a shell on a white egg?

No the eggshell of brown eggs is not thicker than the eggshell of white eggs.

How long do you have to wait for Coca-Cola to melt a spoon?

Coca cola does not and will not melt a spoon, this is a myth.

Why do candy melt in cola?

Because Cola is has acid in it.

How long does it take to melt an eggshell in vinegar?

2-5 days

What beverage will melt the ice the fastest coca cola or sprite?

Coca Cola

Do frog eggs have an eggshell?

no. because frog eggs are much like fish eggs. the frogs lay the eggs underwater, and then they grow into tadpoles. Hope this helped!!

What will happen if ice melt in coco cola?

the drink will get more diluted.

Why does Coca-Cola melt faster than sprite?

Drinks are liquid and cannot melt. Perhaps you mean the ice cubes ?