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Chicken soup does warm people up when they have a cold. And it can really help a cold. My mom made me chicken soup when I had a really bad cold. The next day I was almost completely well again. You should really try it.

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it doesn't, However it just helps in keeping a person that is sick hydrated and it does have the effect of making them feel a little better.

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Q: Why does chicken soup cure colds?
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What cooking methods are good for colds?

To me chicken and noodle soup helps. Green or mint tea to

What is a sentence with the word panacea in it?

Chicken soup is a panacea, people think it helps stop colds or the flu.

What Jewish penicillin is also called yoich or yuch in Yiddish?

Chicken soup is the Jewish penicillin called yoich or yuch in Yiddish. It is a traditional remedy for colds and illnesses in Jewish culture.

What is the cure of nothing?

1. Chicken Soup 2. Suicide? I mean if there is nothing...

What does coriander brown sugar and water do for a cold?

Nothing. Colds are caused by a virus and there is no cure for them. The concoction you describe wouldn't even relieve your symptoms. Try some chicken soup with lots of black pepper - the soup helps soothe your throat and give you needed fluids and the pepper helps clear up your sinuses.

Is chicken noodle soup a good cure for a flu?

Chicken noodle soup in and of itself does not actually cure anyone of the flu. However because it is served warm and because of its flavors, it does soothe the body and help the body get the rest that is required to fight the flu.

What is a soup chicken?

A Soup chicken is chicken in soup well int it obvious!! :)

Name something your mother said would cure an ailment?

Chicken Soup was given to me to cure a cold. Rinsing your mouth with hot salty water to cure a sore throat. etc.

How can you tell the difference of chicken soup and tomato soup?

chicken is the meat taken from a chicken chicken soup is chicken put into a soup

Why don't antibiotics cure colds?

Antibiotics only affect bacteria and colds are caused by viruses.

Is chicken soup a solution?

no chicken noodle soup is a mixture not a solution

Who wrote Chicken Soup of the Teenage Soul?

The person who wrote Chicken Soup of the Teenage Soul, Chicken Soup for Middle Schoolers, and Chicken Soup for High Schoolers is a woman named Mary Stone.