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Briefly: Bleach is generally white therefore when used on something 'dirty' all the dirt and germs are an invisible white or transparent colour. When the white bleach is mixed with the black dirt (in most cases) then the colour of the bleach turns black because the dirt mixes with white. If you mix black paint with white it turns black or grey because dark overpowers white. hope this helps your random curiosity :)

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Q: Why does bleach turns dark when using it to disinfect items?
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When using bleach to disinfect toys what is the correct ratio?

1 tbs of bleach to 1 gallon of water.

What is a sentence using the word disinfect?

This cleanser will effectively disinfect the counter top.

When using an alcohol based hand gel to disinfect your hands what is one important step?

When using an alcohol based hand gel to disinfect your hands, what is one important step?

How do you remove bleach spots carpet using peroxide?

You can't remove bleach spots using a different bleach.

As long as it's bleach will it kill germs?

Bleach is very well known as a disinfectant. Yes bleach kills germs! Its effectiveness is all about the strength, if you are using straight bleach or diluting it in water. A solution of one part bleach to 10 parts water is strong enough to kill the HIV/AIDS virus. When I was still working in home health, our nurses kept a spray bottle with this solution with them at all times to disinfect any areas where an AIDS patient had bled, etc. This solution is not only approved by OSHA, but is recommended.

How do you test gold with household items?

Apparently there is a way to test using honey if your piece turns green when placed in it, it is gold

Using bleach regular does it looses its effectiveness?

No bleach will remain effective

How much bleach is too much bleach?

Depending on what you are using bleach for, it will change how much bleach is too much. Find directions to see what the recommendation is for your usage.

Can you put highlights in your hair without using bleach?

Aside from bleach, you can also use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to bleach hair.

Can you mix bleach and drano?

No, you cannot mix both bleach and Drano due to safety reasons. If you really want bleach then first use the Drano and then wait before using the bleach.

Can you bleach your hair using liquid bleach?

Yes you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. The hair may also dissolve.

Can you use outdoor bleach to clean inside?

Outdoor bleach can be substituted for indoor bleach if necessary, but use one part bleach to 5 parts water. Outdoor bleach is more like a gel than liquid household bleach. It is designed to work best in the sun, on items like driveways or pool decks, but it can be used inside with caution. Its fumes are much stronger, so be prepared for that. Be cautious when spraying it, because even diluted it can cause bleach "burns" to fabric or other surfaces. If you are using it in the washing machine, make certain to have the bleach and water mixed well and add the solution only to the dispenser in the washer.