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because the dress absorbs the sunlight which make it look violet

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Q: Why does a violet dress appear to be violet in the sunlight?
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Why does a violet dress appear violet in sunlight?

Because the violet dress reflects violet and absorbs the other colours.

Why does a violet dress appear to be violet in sunlight?

because since a dress doesn't produce it's own light, but nearly reflects the light in its surroundings; so it would absorb the light and appear as the colour of the fabric :) And if you were in a dark room, the shirt (dress ect.) wouldn't have any light to reflect so it would appear black.

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Iodine is a halogen that can appear violet in its elemental form or as certain compounds.

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When treated with Gram stain Gram-positive bacteria appear?

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What colours of light are absorbed by violet?

Violet light (400-450 nm) absorbs yellow and orange wavelengths. This is why violet objects appear to be violet because they reflect violet light and absorb others.

What is the sunlight you see everyday called?

Scientists do not call the sunlight we see everyday anything in particular, just sunlight or visible light. Yet, the sunlight we can not see is Ultra Violet and Infrared Light.

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the green color of the leaf is due to the presence of plastids called chlorophyll not sunlight. this is d reason why they appear green even in the absence of sunlight.

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