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It's typically part of a screen for cognitive impairment.

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Q: Why does a psychologist ask a patient to spell words backwards?
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Words that spell the same word backwards?

Racecar is racecar backwards.

What are words that when you spell them backwards there the same words?

A palindrome (: example: detartrated

What are words called that you can spell forwards and backwards?


How many words when spelled backwards can give a word?

dad spell dad backwards dad see?

What are some words that you can spell forwards and backwards and it will sill spell the same word?

racecar wow

Words you can spell different backwards?

Some words that spell different words when spelled backwards include: "live" and "evil," "desserts" and "stressed," "reward" and "drawer," and "stop" and "pots."

What are words that when you spell them backwards they are the same words?

Words or phrases that are the same forward or backward are called palindromes.

How many words can you spell from stressed?

stress, dress, rest, Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

Which words can you spell backwards?

Words that are spelled the same forward and backward are called "palindromes", including such words as noon, radar, racecar, and redder. Words that spell different words when spelled backward are variously known as semodnilaps, heteropalindromes, and anadromes. They include such word pairs as stressed/desserts, deliver/reviled, and diaper/repaid. (see related links for lists)

What are words that spell itself backwards?

Hannah Bob Mom pup Pop These are Palindromes x _____________________________________________________________ also the words: kayak and race car

What is the literal meaning of semordnilap?

The word 'semordnilap' is a name for a word that makes another word when read backwards. 'Semordnilap' is 'palindromes' itself when read backwards. While palindromes are words that spell the same backwards (like radar, racecar), semordnilaps are reverse anagrams, words that spell different words when they are spelled backward, such as liar/rail, diaper/repaid, desserts/stressed. (see related link for a list)

Drapel is the word leopard spelled backwords what do you call such words?

Words that spell a different word when spelled backwards are called anagrams.