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a labourer needs more energy because he works more than anyone

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Q: Why does a person doing work need more energy?
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Why does a man doing heavy work need more energy?

The answer to your question. Is in your question. He is doing heavy work and therefore is spending more engery.

Why does an active person need energy?

They need energy because someone could go to the park and have a run around they need that energy to do it they also. Need energy to do more active and physical sports. By kasie leigh bevan

What happens to peoples energy as they get older?

They need less energy because they don't do as much as when they were younger. Unless they are doing heavy work then they do require more energy

Why do teens who do sports need more calories?

A calorie is a unit of energy. When anyone does physical exercise, the body uses more energy than when the person is not moving. In order to get that extra energy, the person must eat more. In addition, teens generally need to eat more calories because their bodies use energy to grow, build bones, and fully develop.

What happens to peoples energy needs as they get older?

They need less energy because they don't do as much as when they were younger. Unless they are doing heavy work then they do require more energy

Do you need energy in doing work?

Yes. Basically, work is the transfer of energy.

What are the factors affecting the daily energy requirement of the human body?

These are the factors: 1.occupation-heavy physical work requires more energy than sedentary worker 2.body size and weight-the more the size, the more energy required 3. gender-young male adults need more energy than young female adults 4.age-children and adolescents need more energy for growth compared to adults

How does a person's level of physical activity affect his or her daily energy needs?

If a person exercises for 2-3 hours a day, he would require more energy compared to a guy who doesn't exercise. This is because. the more exercise/physical activity you do, the increased amount of energy you use. Therefore, your body would need to replenish that used energy. This is done by increasing his/hers daily energy needs. A person who doesn't exercise would have a lower energy need as they don't use that much energy compared to an athlete.

How do you get lightning on virtual villagers 5?

You need to get more energy. To get more energy you get it by having a big population. For each person you get three max energy, which gets removed if someone dies. You also gain Max energy permanently by finding NEW relics.

Why does the 14-year old boy need more energy than the male office worker?

because adolescent like us are at growing stage and when a person is in an growing stage he\she needs more energy than an elderly person .the energy he\she gains is digested easily by his\her activeness and an elderly person is not much active

Why you need to have abundant energy resources?

A person may need to have abundant energy resources for conserving energy. This allows a person to use alternative resources of energy, like solar energy for their home versus traditional electricity.

Why does an athlete need to eat more protein?

The answer is simply athletes do more sports than most people e.g swimming, tennis etc. but, athletes need more protein to do this as they use up most energy on doing the sport they do.