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Could be almost anything from he's embarrassed to you have a button undone. Your best bet is to ask him.

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Q: Why does a guy smirk at a girl he talks to when he sees her?
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If a girl talks to you like she talks to other girls does she think you're gay?

Some friendships form where one person sees the other as just a friend rather than a guy/girl. It just means she treats you like a friend instead of a guy.

How can you understand that a girl likes a guy?

when the girl follows him and when she talks about it with her friends!!

What does that mean if the the friend of the guy you like talks to the guy you like and the guy you like looks at you?

It means he sees you, that he is looking at you, that you are in his line of vision. Nothing more.

Why would a guy smile at a girl when she smiles laugh when she laughs and smirk a little when she blushes or blush when she winks at him?

They like each other.

What does it mean when a guy you have a crush on talks to you about his girl problems with you?

He trusts you.

Is it normal to get jealous when a guy talks with the girl you like?

its not normal.....

Plot of i miss you like crazy movie?

guy sees girl on boat guy thinks girl will commit suicide but clarifies everything girl sees guy again they hang out and lolo tells them they'll get married it rains and they celebrate a birthday via internet guy and girl have SEX

When a guy talks about a future with a girl does it mean that he's settle down with that girl?

Just like you would with a guy in your grade

What does it mean if an outgoing guy only talks after a girl he knows talks and is quiet at other times and gets so happy when he sees her once in a while?

I'd say it means he likes her so much she makes him nervous, and he doesn't want to screw things up.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl a buzz saw?

When she talks alot.

What does it mean when a guy talks about a girl?

they want to hit it most likely ...

why some guy crazy when he sees some girl?

because it is her atitude.