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If you are currently dating, or pursuing a guy, then a guy would feel inclined to help out, possibly to make himself feel proud in an accomplishment. Especially if the boy you are dating/pursuing is his a friend.

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Q: Why does a guy give a girl relationship advice?
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What can a girl do to show she is in a relationship with a guy?

Maybe Give him a blowjob in public...

What advice would you give a guy who likes a girl who has a boyfriend?

wait for them to break up ( if they do).

What is a key relationship?

Trust. Love. Dependancy on God to give you the right guy\ girl. :)

What does it mean if a guy asks you for advice about his relationship with one of your best friends?

it probably means he's insecure about his relationship and what i would do is give him advice then let him know that you're there if he needs any more help.

Is it cute for a guy to get a girl he has a crush on flowers for Valentine's Day?

It is appropriate for a guy to give a girl flowers on Valentine's Day. Exceptions are if the girl is in a relationship, if she has allergies to flowers, or if she does not like flowers.

Is it wrong for a guy giving his cell phone number to a girl?

It is not wrong for a guy to give his cell phone number to a girl, if he wants her to call him. That is as long as he is not married or in a relationship. If he were married or in a relationship, it would likely be upsetting to his partner.

How do you make a guy feel special in a conversation in a new relationship?

just go to, and she will give u good advice

Who is in the wrong - A girl in a relationship who wants is controlling or a guy in a relationship who is indecisive?

the guy

What do guys really like?

A girl who can give them a good time, and depending on the guy, maybe a serious relationship

You are a friend of a girl that is dating a bad guy?

I would give her advice on to dump him and on how to dump him so he doesn't feel as hurt.

How would a relationship be when the girl is 15 and the guy is 23?

it will bad because you willwalk around and the guy is old and you are young and it doesn't matter if you like him always tell yourmother and she willgiveyou advice.

Should a girl give the hug?

A guy or girl can give a hug in a relationship, as a romantic or friendly embrace. It does not matter about which sex should do what in relationships. !... For whatever reason... :) Adios Amigos!