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Probably he's just mad He is being a man..the whole ego thing..or he simply didn't like you but used you??I don't know, ask him this question..or his friends.. Maybe you didn't like him at the time so he erased his feelings about you from his mind, you became, were, or are someone of disrespect (someone who cusses, a slut, etc.) and some guys don't like that, one of his good friends likes you and he doesn't want to mess it up for his friend, and others.

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I think deep down inside he still must feel as if people find out he will not be more attractive to others. Its a way of being able to be "available" but wanting to still be in a relationship for fear of being alone. Many men think that by denying the relationship that they will still be able to find others. But if you think deep down, he may just not be that into you.

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Q: Why does a guy deny that he ever liked you?
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