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If the chest infection causes fluid in the lungs (pneumonia), or if it causes tissues to press on the lungs, less of the lung volume can be used to achieve oxygen saturation. Additionally, white blood cells may predominate over red in the bloodstream, reducing the oxygen carrying capacity.

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Q: Why does a chest infection cause oxygen levels to drop in the blood?
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What could cause chills if there's no infection?

There are a number of things that could cause chills if you have no infection including a cool draft. You may also get chills from having low iron levels in the blood.

Can anaemia cause heart flutters?

Yes anaemia can cause heart flutters (palpitations). The cause is usually due to the heart trying to compensate for low oxygen levels in the body. Anaemia is an abnormally low amount of haemoglobin in the blood, which is the part of blood which carries oxygen. Therefore, low haemoglobin levels lead to low oxygen levels. In response, the heart will often try to increase the amount of blood pumped around the body, to meet the body's demand for oxygen by beating faster. This can cause a high heart rate which can lead to palpitations or heart flutters.

Explain how changes in the alveolar structure cause a decrease in the blood oxygen levels in emphysema?

Decrease in alveolar surface area results in less boundary across which oxygen can be absorbed into the blood.

Could having one lunge cause low oxygen in blood?

Yes, but if you are searching for the reason a person has low oxygen levels this is most likely NOT the answer.

What is the cause of brain damage?

Accidents, restricted oxygen to the brain, restricted blood flow to the brain, infection, deformity during its development

Where in the body would you find low oxygen levels causing vasoconstriction and high levels causing vasodilation?

Low oxygen levels cause vasodilation in systemic arterioles.High oxygen levels cause vasodilation in capillaries in the lungs.

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Anorexics tend to have lower blood pressure due to weakened heart muscles and poor blood oxygen levels/circulation.

Can period blood cause high nitrite levels in urine?

No, the blood can't cause this. High levels of nitrite indicate the presence of bacteria (e.g. E. coli) which convert nitrates into nitrites. Therefore high nitrite levels may be a sign of an urinary tract infection (sometimes there are false postive results nevertheless).

Can low red blood cell count cause low oxygen levels?

Absolutely, yes. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the body's cells from the lungs and taking carbon dioxide back to the lungs to be exhaled.