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This reaction is called a palmar grasp in a baby. This reaction usually persists until six months of age and sometimes longer in some babies. The babies typically begin to gain control of the grasp around six months. They use this as a method to support an object, and use their fingers as a type of scoop. Around 6-9 months the babies gain enough control to begin pulling their palm towards their face and mouth. This can usually signal the baby is ready to start self-feeding.

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Q: Why does a baby grasp you when you stroke there palm?
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The reflex that causes an infant to close its fist when the palm is touched is called the what reflex?

The reflex that causes an infant to close its fist when the palm is touched is called the grasp reflex.

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What muscular control occurs before pincer grasp?

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What is the difference between palmar grasp and pincer grasp?

palmar grasp is where an infant holds an item such as a crayon with the palm of their hand, where as the pincer grasp is where they hold it between their thumb and index finger (more sophisticated)

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