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It is important that men and women both have friends of the opposite sex, when you are stopped from doing something it is obvious that the desire to do it is increased and this could raise the risk / likelihood of cheating in your marriage therefore it is best to trust each other and continue your social life in a similar manner to pre-marriage.


In my own opinion men will always treat woman as their friends even after affairs because they are soulless and will not have the guilt that he used to sleep with her, especially is she have all the benefits.

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They may be seeking freshness. IIt's hard for men to stay with only one woman for a life time.

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Q: Why does a Married man continue to see woman as friends?
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Is it proper for a married man to tell a woman friend he loves her?

ye he should be a player ANSWER: No it's not proper, because his married. If this married man say he likes his woman friend it will be different, because after all they are friends and his wife knows. Over all it is wrong and it will bring them in a relationship like the man I married. He told me that affairs is only when the married man and other woman slept together.....

Can a woman get insurance on a man if he is married?

If the woman and man are married yes, she can get insurance on her husband. If the woman is single and the man married then no, she can't get insurance on him.

Why does the other woman cling to the married man?

It's like a game! Woman sometimes like challenges to see if she can distract the married man. Once she gets his attention, she tends to loosen up some. But if the man seems somewhat uninterested in the other woman, she will continue to cling until she gets his attention.

If a married man is seeing a woman she is his mistress If a married woman is seeing a man what is the term used to refer to him?

Sugar Daddy ANSWER: For a man that has an affair with a married woman is called lover

What is a man called when he has a relationship with a married woman?

A1:The man is called the husband if he is married to the woman. Otherwise, he could be called an adulterer. A2:If its a married woman, and a single man, its called an affair. If both the man and woman are married to each each other, obviously, marriage.If both the man and woman are married to two different people, its also called an affair.A3:The man is having a relationship, the woman is having an affair. Either way, it is wrong for both the man and woman.

What is it called when a married woman wants to be more than friends with a divorced man?

It is called:cheatingemotional affairphysical - sexual affairmorally wrong to do

What does mistress do?

ANSWER: A mistress is a woman who has relationship with a married man. She is what the married man's wife is not She is a woman who does not have kids so the married man will get all the attention. She is a woman who's always available for her married man because his wife is very busy taking care of everything at his home. A mistress is a woman that gets only a few hours from the married man. She is a woman who can only have a weekend if possible. A mistress is the person that can not spend any holiday with her married man, unless the married man divorce his wife and he marry the mistress. A mistress is the person that can give the needs of the married man because his wife can't or won't. Over all a mistress is a woman that the married man's wife is not.

How can you a married man tell if a woman is interested in you?

ANSWER:I'm not a man but I can tell you some point or sign if a woman likes a married man. But this is not coming from a woman who just want to be notice by a married man. It will be a married man who do all the action, especially if his having a problem with his marriage. Married man will be easy to find a woman who can be their friend and tell a sad story (lies) about his married life.Now for a married man to know if he is being like by a woman, it will be the way she smile, body language, flirting through words, and much more. But once in a while when a woman do talk or even the way she act will be taken wrong by married man, and that is the one they need to watch out for..

What is a person who sleeps with a married man called?

A woman that sleeps with a married man once is a 'one night stand' and a woman that has an lengthy affair with a married man is called 'his mistress.'

A woman to whom a man is engaged to be married?

A man / woman who is engaged to be married is called his partner's fiancé

Is mr men or woman?

Mr. is for a man, Mrs. (married woman or Ms. (younger woman, or un-married woman)

Why do man keep cheating with same woman?

ANSWER:Could it be that he loves this woman even she isn't his wife? There are some married man who do fall in love with another woman, and the man I married was one of them.