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Empress Wu was the first Female emperor in China.

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Q: Why does Emperor Wu hold a distinctive place in Chinese history?
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What was the Han Dynasty place in universe?

The Han Dynasty is the second dynasty of Chinese history.

Where is the best place to find information about the history of the Ancient Chinese kites?

on Its a pretty cool site. =)

When an Chinese emperor held the mandate of heaven it meant?

The mandate of heaven meant that the Chinese king was place in his role by God. It was a sin to oppose the king or start rebellions.

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What was the uprising of loyal Chinese against outsiders in their country?

It's usually called the Boxer Rebellion and it took place in 1899. This was a very sad and dark period in Chinese History.

What is the importance of dynasty?

A dynasty is most important in Chinese culture. There is a man who is to be the 'man of God' similar to the Pope! The Emperor gives the mandate of heaven which is the word of god. The Chinese have followed this for quite some time and has give the Emperor a good credibility. Dynasty would give any religion a backup and give them a lot of power and the Chinese government showed this. The silk road was put in place by the Emperor and taken away by him. Historically the dynasty is one of the most important pieces of all our lives though one form or another!

What was the name of the woman who went to war as a man?

Mulan was a Chinese woman who went to war (joined the army) in place of her father. She pretended to be a man and got in very big trouble for it. She ended up saving the Chinese emperor, though, and was awarded greatly.

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What is the history of The Chinese Dynastic period?

They all had the Dynastic Cycle, which means that when 1 dynasty becomes very good, then it falls and another takes its place.

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