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Your bowel movements can take on many appearances as far as size and color. If you are a bit constipated, it can look like little balls.

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Stress related, lack of fiber, lack of water, and minerals in diet. Also, seek a healthcare professional if notice for more then 2 weeks the same pattern to relieve the matter.

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It could be as simple as a lack of water. I live at high altitude, 7,000 feet and that's what happens when I drink too little water...and lack of fiber, maybe.

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If your feces looks like marbles or balls, and are hard to pass, you are probably constipated. Try eating more fiber and drinking more fluids to get back to normal.

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Q: Why do your bowel movements look like little balls?
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What would cause bowel movements to be formed like a cluster of grapes?

If you ate rasions, they could look like that...

What does it mean when you are having bowel movements frequently but only a little amount comes out?

im not an expert or nothing but maybe it has to do with not eating enough or your colon is stopped up. like maybe constipation.

Can a kidney failure cause difficulty with bowel movements?

Kidney failure just like heart failure can cause difficulty with bowel movements especially when osmotic agents are taken without caution causing dehydration and mineral imbalance.

Why would you not have bowel movements very often and when you do it is green and runny?

Not having many bowel movements can come from not drinking enough water (to flush your system), not eating enough fiber (like raisen bran and breads) and a host of other reasons. Runny green bowel movements can come from eating green foods (like broccoli, cabbage, etc). Stress for men and for a woman her monthly cycle can also cause runny bowel movements. I'm not a doctor just a mom of 5 kids, your best bet is to see your own physician to supplement this answer.

What does passed tissue look like in a bowel movement?

Tissue in bowel movements looks sometimes opaque, white or gray. It can also look long and kind of stringy.

What sypmtoms would cause increase bowel movements?

Symptoms do not cause increased bowel movements. Increased bowel movement is a symptom of bowel disease which usually presents with abdominal pain and diarrhoea, and this can be caused by infection like gastroenteritis which can be viral or bacterial. Inflammatory bowel disease like crohn's and ulcerative colitis is another cause. Pancreatic insufficiency can causes diarrhoea due to malabsorption. People with nervous disposition can get nervous diarrhoea related to stress and also spastic colon or irritable bowel can cause diarrhea and cramp like abdominal pain. Increased bowel movement will also be seen in bowel obstruction with increased effort of the bowel to push the bowel content through the obstruction.

What causes bowel movements to be foamy and smell like vomit?

Ummm... I am not exactly sure, but I feel that you may have a problem.

Definition of constipating diet?

Food that has too much roughage (like Bran) that is hard to digest and pass out in bowel movements

Why do some bowel movements smell like sulphur or rotten eggs?

Normally that would mean an ulcer. Check with your doctor.

What is and why no bowel movements yet a yellow water like liquid discharge from the anus when gas is passes?

Go to the hospital RIGHT NOW.

What causes pale colored bowel movements?

Lots of things, some of them not good (like a tumor). Ask your doctor to do some tests.

What does normal formula fed baby poop look like?

Babies bowel movements vary greatly and there is no real normal movements for either formula fed or breast fed babies. the only thing that separates formula fed babies from breast fed babies is that formula fed babies tend to have slightly more solid bowel movements.