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Its because of pressure when you walk. i have these alot and quite frankly, i enjoy it!

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Q: Why do your big toes keep cracking and popping when they never have before?
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Um, yeah hate to burst your bubble but that is completely untrue. But if your insistant just tape your fingers together THANKS FOR READING. KEEP THOSE KNUCKLES POPPING

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How do you stop the popping and cracking in your shoulder when you move it?

Basically it can be very difficult to avoid cracking or popping if it isn't sore to do so. This is very normal and something i experience ATM which isn't a concern. What should be a concern is if your shoulder is out of movement for a long period (eg when sleeping) and you go to move it with a continuous grinding sensation. Simple ways to stop this sort of problem is to try and keep as vertical as you possibly can during the day etc by pushing the shoulders back, this should partially help back posture and in turn stop the shoulder from abnormal motion. To be honest your safest bet is to consult a Doctor or personal trainer.

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