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interesting and challenging

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Q: Why do you want to move from quality to operations?
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Why you wants to move from quality to operations?

interesting and challenging

What is the rhythmic quality of jazz music that makes you want to tap your foot and move with rhythm?

tap dancing

What are the operations of algebraic operation?

I want to know [what is the order of operations in math?]

What is the basic operations of an electric fan?

To move air.

What is the mining operations or stages has the greatest impact on air quality?


Objectives and elements of productions and operations management?

Quality,speed,dependability,flexibilty and cost are the five main and major objective of operations managment

What is the relationship between supply chain management and operation management?

operations management focuses on on quality dimensions which require knowldge of operations management

Which of the following mining operations or stages has the greatest impact on air quality?


Identify the critical operations decision areas in your organization Discuss the responsibilities of an operations manager while addressing these decisions?

We identify the four major decision responsibilities of operations management as process, quality, capacity, and inventory

What are the different departments in a call center?

Operations Quality Commercial HR, Development & Trainings Administration

Basic laboratory operations?

Basic laboratory operations include basic laboratory safety measures, biosafety, basic laboratory calculations, pipetting techniques, volumetric calculations, reagent preparation, microscope principles and quality control. These are the basic operations.

Which are some of the US companies that want to move their operations to Mexico or Central America?

Some include Ford Motor, General Motors, Black & Decker or Bristol-Myers Squibb. The list is quite extensive.