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That's because of our interests and kind of culture which influences our choices and it also has a personal element ehich changes for each individual. Also there are certain things which sometimes repels us from people we don't like these things may be personality of person or his/her habits etc..

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so life is worth living and relationships are very important to succeed in life and be happy

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Q: Why do you think we form relationships with other people?
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Do dogs form relationships with each other?

yes cause my dogs did

Which stone Age development helpef people from relationships and resolve issues?

what is a development of the early stone age that gave people a way to form relationships or to resolve issues

What is their reason of having relationship at an early age?

Some people form romantic relationships at a young age in an attempt to appear more grown up or because they think they are in love. Most people, though, hold off on forming serious relationships until college or even later.

Do rivers form canyons or the other way around?

Some people think that rivers form canyons, but in fact, the canyons form the rivers

Do fungus have chloroplasts?

No. i am PRETTY sure! they often form relationships with photosynthetic lichens though... I THINK! :)

How is Selena Gomez regarded by others?

Different people have different opinions, form your own, don't go for what other people think....

What do Indians think of Saudi girls?

Indians respect and even form long lasting relationships with Saudi girls. The world has become a global village and that is why people of different backgrounds and cultures associate freely.

Which of the following protists form parasitic relationships with other organisms?

water mold A flea biting a cow.

Are gay people real people?

Yes, gay people are real people. The only difference is they form intimate relationships with the same sex and that is a private matter between themselves and any partner they should choose. Most gay people fall in love and have monogamous relationships; they work; pay taxes; are family orientated and other than their sexual orientation, they are no different than people who are straight (like the opposite sex.)

Where did the phrase hurt people hurt people originate form?

I dont know. maybe its just a random phrase. But think about it. hurt people hurt people. hurt people hurt other people. Get it?

What is the relationship between boundaries and people's identities?

Boundaries are based on identities, not the other way around. Two people have two identities and as they form a relationship, they form boundaries to guide how their two identities relate to each other. If the boundaries are imposed upon the two people, it's like being forced to wear clothes that don't fit but if the two people are allowed to form their own boundaries with each other, then the fit is very comfortable. Boundaries prevent codependency, enmeshment and other unhealthy relationships by allowing the two identities to connect comfortably.

Do you agree with same-sex relationships?

Yes. And, I advise anyone who does not agree with them not to form any. No matter who you are, disagreeing with others' relationships will have no effect other than to alienate and isolate yourself from the rest of society.