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Patient confidentiality is very important that's a way to get the patients trust and is very important so there personal information won't spread out.

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Q: Why do you think protecting patient confidentiality is important in a pharmacy?
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Which is more important patient confidentiality or staff health and safety?

Patient confidentiality and staff health and safety are equally important.

When was patient confidentiality federally protected?

As of 2003, patient confidentiality was protected by federal statute.

Why is it important to maintain clients confidentiality?

Because it keeps the trust between doctor and patient once broken the patient might start to withheld information which could be important but they fear it getting spread further the patient room

Example of confidentiality?

In healthcare, HIPPA laws protect patient confidentiality. Patient medical information can not be given over the phone to anyone claiming to know the patient without express permission from the patient.

Could you give examples for confidentiality?

Patient confidentiality is of primary importance to the medical profession. Confidentiality should not be assumed by those students engaging in plagiarism.

Can a doctor tell someone that another patient has a disease?

No. It is against the doctor/patient confidentiality agreement.

How the speakerphone function of the front desk telephone system can be used without violating patient confidentiality?

Speakerphone can only be used if there is nobody else in the room except for the doctor or patient. Otherwise the risk of violating patient confidentiality is at risk.

What is an excuse for disobeying patient confidentiality?

Unless it is for the good of the patient (eg their safety or the safety of others) there is no excuse.

If you were called by a reporter and asked questions about the celebrity patient?

You should refuse to answer - and end the call. Patient confidentiality is paramount - regardless of who the patient is !

If you tell the doctor you are not a virgin and you are underage do they tell your parents?

No. A doctor will keep the confidentiality of the patient unless they feel the teenager is in danger or if a crime has been committed.

Can a doctor sued for malpractice reveal medical information about patient?

A doctor can be sued for breaking doctor/patient confidentiality.

Is it required for a counselor to report his minor patient is having an affair with an adult?

Patient confidentiality would prevent him from doing that.