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When we tend to spend time with someone and share intimacies with them and then its over we don't just get over it just like that - it takes time. Learn from this relationship and whatever it is take it with you as to not repeat or enhance it for future relationships. People come and go throughout or lives whether we like it or not but we have to be thankful for the time we did know them as I feel these people come into our lives for a reason and we learn whether it is negative or positive from them - which in turn makes us stronger and better individuals.

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theres something still there!

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Q: Why do you still have feelings for someone?
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What if she has feelings for someone else?

Then let her know of these feelings, if she still insists her feelings for another person, let her have him.

What should you do if you know you love someone and they still have feelings for their ex?

decide if the feelings they have for the ex are bigger then the feelings they have for you. Everyone always has feelings for their ex - good or bad - so when you hook up with someone you just have to be sure that their feelings for you are stronger.

What do you do when you broke up with your boyfriend because he cheated on you but you still have feelings for him?

Make him jealous by going out with someone else, love him anyway or slap and find someone else that you can grow to have feelings for.

How can you tell when someone still have feelings for you?

If they are very flirty and if you text and hearts get sent outt

Can you give off feelings to someone?

You can share feelings with someone but not give off feelings to someone.

What do you do when you are upset over an ex that you still have feelings for who lied cheated and crushed you?

Find someone better.

Why do I still have feelings for somebody who broke up with me two months ago?

You probably still have feelings because he/she was really special to you. If you want to get rid of them find someone that is totaly differant then him/her so you will have a variety in life and will like someone new. Eventuly you will forget this person.

What does slanted love mean?

It's when someone loves someone who does not have the same feelings for them but they are still in a relationship. Or current state of labeled love.

My boyfriend does not have any feelings for me. He is a very difficult man to understand. i love him but he shows no feelings towards me. He still has feelings for his ex-wife. Go figure. Whoop-de-doo?

Answer If he still has feelings for his ex-wife and shows no feelings towards you I think I would get out of that situation. You are setting yourself up to be hurt if you continue in the relationship. You deserve someone who is capable of caring for you and SHOWING it. As long as he still cares for his ex-wife he will be emotionally unavailable for someone else. That could be a very empty and hurtful relationship for you.

How do you know if you still have a crush on someone if you never see them?

you will know if you have a crush on someone. You will think about them all the time and when your around them you'll get strange feelings.

What if your ex broke up with you but now has a problem with you dating someone else?

Thay still have feelings for you there jealous

What does you still have concrete on your tongue mean?

It means that if you say you love someone your feelings dont really show