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because you are too far to see their real shape.... because you are too far to see their real shape....

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Q: Why do you sometimes see stars white dots?
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When you look up in the sky why do you see dots not stars?

Not stars? Those dots are stars.. Stars arnt really 5 point shapes, their spheres of fire just like the sun (the sun is a star)

How do you complete level50 on Dooors?

Change 50 of the white dots to green dots then press the door. See related link for screenshots.

What does it mean to have white dots on ones testicles?

it means you should see a doctor

Iv got a white tongue and white dots on it aswell and i carnt swallow properly?

See your doctor for advise

Can you see the moon and stars at day time?

You can see the moon sometimes

How do you open the inventory in minecraft on iPhone?

Do you see the three white dots on the bottom of the screen? That is the inventory

Why do stars have a similar bluish white color?

Stars have a similar bluish white color due to the gases that are inside of them. When you see stars that are bluish white you know that they contain a lot of hydrogen.

What stars are considered a white dwarf?

See related question.

Why do you sometimes see to many stars in the night sky?

You cannot see 'too many' stars in the night sky. You can only see those that are visible. Atmospheric conditions vary and with it, its the transparency. The clearer the sky the more stars you can see.

What objects do you see in the night time sky?

the moon, stars, planets, sometimes shooting stars and yea that's about it

Why can't I see the stars when I can see the moon?

Sometimes the brightness of the light from the moon drowns out the star's light.

What time does the stars come out?

depends. when it get dark enough. sometimes its too cloudy so you wont see stars anyway.