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Feedforward is anticipatory in nature. It is your body preparing for something before it occurs.

The classic example is smelling something delicious. Even though you haven't eaten anything yet, your mouth begins to salivate, excreting digestive enzymes, and your stomach begins to produce acid. This way your body doesn't have to quickly react.

Another example is exercise. Your heart rate and breathing rate increase long before your muscles begin to run low on oxygen.

You can almost think of feedforward as a type of preventative measure.

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Q: Why do you prefer feedforward control?
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What is the advantage of feedforward control?

One major advantage of feedforward controls is that it prevents large disturbances in your output

What are types of control in business organization?

· Feedback control · Concurrent control · Feedforward control

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What is the Advantage and disadvantage of feedforward control?

One major advantage of feedforward controls is that it prevents large disturbances in your output. A disadvantage is that it may not account for all potential disturbances in the input, leading to large disturbances in the output.

Feedforward feedback control?

Feedforward is a preparatory control. EX. Smelling food leads to salivation and production of stomach acid in preparation of food. OR Starting to exercise increases heart rate and breathing rate in preparation of running low on oxygen for muscles. Feedback is a control mechanism where the product of the end mechanism either enhances or inhibits the start of the mechanism Positive feedback enhances Negative feedback inhibits

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In Control function of Management,Critical control point (CCP) is a point, step or procedure at which controls can be applied to the system (feedback or feedforward) and a disturbance can be prevented, eliminated or reduced to acceptable (critical) levels.

What has the author Michael J Doherty written?

Michael J. Doherty has written: 'Input shaping to reduce solar array structural vibrations' -- subject(s): Vibration damping, Feedforward control, Pointing control systems, Shape control, Structural vibration

Is feedforward control also known as preliminary control?

Sometimes feedback controls are called preliminary controls, they are accomplished before a work activity begins. They make sure that proper directions are set and that the right resources are available to accomplish them

What is the basic control process?

It begins with the establishment of clear standards of performance, involves a comparison of performance to those standards, takes corrective actions, if needed, to repair performance deficiencies; is a dynamic, cybernetic process, and uses three basic methods-- feedback control, concurrent control, feedforward control.

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Opening, Feedforward, Business, Feedback and closing

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Humans think because they have a brain which allows feedforward and look-ahead planning.