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Oil and water do not mix. Soap breaks down the oil so it can be washed off your hands.

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Q: Why do you need to use soap when you wash oil from your hands?
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Why do you have to wash your hands with soap after eating oily food?

Oil is hydrophobic as in oil and water don't mix. When your hands are oily, the oil repels the water and your hands stay greasy. Soap acts to emulsify oils which means to break them up into tiny pieces and surround them with hydrophilic, water loving, molecules. When oils are emulsified by soap they lose the ability to repel water and can then be washed off your hands. All clean!

How do you get the sticky feeling off your skin after pulling off a Band Aid?

Apply a few drops of oil and rub gently. After that, wash it with soap.

What can you do to nutrilize Hot Pepper on your hands?

you can rub a tomato on it or use baby powder u can also use oil and then after that wash it with very warm water the baby powder i think works the best but that's my opinion tomato juice can help too!

How do you get shoe polish off your hands?

Shoe polish is a complex mixture with organic hydrophobic molecules. The stain will probably not come out of your hands, but you can get the residue off by washing your hands multiple times with large amounts of soap. You can also try mechanic's soap (I like the brand Fast Orange, but there are many out there) - this stuff will cut engine grease, so it'll also cut through shoe polish. If you don't have this, you can try rubbing alcohol or hair shampoo, both of which should be able to dissolve the grease components.

What would you use to wash dirt or oil off your face?

Soap works, or a facewash.

Why does soap remove oil from hands?

Soap creates a hydrophobic pocket around oil molecules and carries it away on water. It carries the dirt with it as the dirt id attached to the oil.

What happens to your hands after rubbing them with oil?

if you rub your hand with oil your hands will be oilli and it want come off at least you wash it every good

How do you get dry oil base paint off your hands?

wash them with mayonaisse and coke

If an acid is splashed on your skin wash it at once with?

plenty of water

How do you get plasticine out of your child's long hair?

Saturate with olive oil, comb out, wash with liquid dish soap.

How do you make car wash soap?

There are many different ways to make your own car wash soap. Simply using dish detergent in warm water is one way to make your own car wash soap. Another way is to use 1 cup of liquid dish washing soap and 12 tablespoons of powdered laundry detergent in warm water to make a good car wash soap. For a more eco-friendly car wash soap, you can use 1 cup of a vegetable-based oil soap or multipurpose green cleaner mixed with warm water. Does this help you?

How do you remove camouflage makeup?

Most soldiers either wash it off with soap, or use baby oil. Baby oil works better.