Why do you need to shower?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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You don't really need to, but you will probably be healtheir and live longer if you do.

And you will have more friends too.

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Q: Why do you need to shower?
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Do you need shower filter?

Shower filters are great for reducing chlorine in your shower. You need one that has KDF media in it to be effective not just carbon.

What if your skin smells sour just after a shower?

need an shower

Shower Hose is Leaking?

Yes, you can indeed just replace the shower hose. There is no need to replace the entire thing if it does not need to be.

Kohler Shower?

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Can you shower during your period?

yes, you can. you should shower as usual, but you will probably need to shower more regulary. If you don't shower, you can start to smell not just of sweat. there is no reason for you not to shower on your period. i hope this helps

Do you need glue on installing a shower base?

On some of them, you may need silicone to seal the lowest seam. Depends on the design of shower base.

Corner Shower?

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What waste trap do i need on a shower tray?

A 50mm (2 inch) shower waste trap.

What store sells shower doors?

I just bought a new house and need to purchase shower doors. What is a good store to buy shower doors?

Why do blue whales need to be clean?

so they don't need to shower!

Bristan Thermostatic Shower ?

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