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Because you still have urine in your bladder

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Q: Why do you need to go toilet after you have already been?
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If you're trying to get pregnant is it a bad idea to go to toilet straight after sex?

no,because the sperm has already been stored in your uterus

Do you always have to go toilet?

1. if you don't go to the toilet when you need to you could die so probarly yes but i'm only 99.9% + 0.1% that you need to go toilet. 2. you always go toilet but if you did'nt get to the toilet in time you would die.

After a meal need to go toilet?

hi sometimes this can be due to ibs have you been under stress latley

Why do you need to go to the toilet?

to get rid of body waste

How do you pee in toilet covered in pee when i really need to pee?

put toilet paper over the toilet bowl

How do you get your 2 mo old baby to poop?

help them on the toilet. if they do that them give them toys to play with. if the need to go to the potty their already there so they'll go. if that doesn't work ask the auther of a parent book.

How should you excuse yourself if you need the toilet?

I go with, "Excuse me for a moment," and then I get up and go.

How do you poo on your pant?

don't go to the toilet when you need to go to poo,then poo in your pant.

Is is true that if you drink a lot and need the toilet if you eat a lot of dry food you won't need the toilet any more?

using the toilet is a part of living. if you don't go for a long time you can DIE!

How do you escape pe lessons?

first say to your teacher that you need to go to the toilet and instead of gong toilet go around the school and then dont go back to your p.e. lesson :)

What does it mean when you poo and wee in your pants?

you need to go to the toilet bub.

How many times can you go to the toilet in space?

As many times as you need to