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A healthy balance between fat and muscle is vital for health and wellness. An array of evidence shows that maintaining a healthy body composition increases longevity and reduces the risk of Heart disease, cancer, Diabetes, etc, leading to an increase in energy levels whilst improving self-esteem.

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makes you fell good about your self have a positive mental health less prone to ilness and live longer !

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Q: Why do you need body composition?
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Do you need body composition in swimming?


Why do sumo wrestlers need Body composition?

Sumo wrestlers need body composition because it adds to their overall mass. They need the weight so if makes it harder for their opponent to move and throw them.

What sports involve body composition?

please i need an answer

Ratio of body fat to lean body tissue is what?

muscle composition, body composition, physical composition, or flexible composition

What is more important body weight or body composition?

body composition

Why do gymnasts need body composition?

cause if there a fattie like burger they are terrible

What is the composition for nitric acid?

It is HNO3, if it is the chemical composition that you need. It is a gas caused by burning nitrous oxide. It is very harmful to the human body.

How do you define body composition?

Body composition is the proportion of fat, muscle, and bones of an individuals body.

What are the ratios used to make up body composition?

Body composition is the ratio of body fat to muscles.

Does body composition have little to do with cardiorespiratory fitness?

Body composition has a lot to do with cardiorespiratory fitness.

Is body composition a health related fitness?

A: body composition is not a fitness B: what are u talking about

How does body composition link to sport?

Health is associated with body and body fitness is entirely associated with every sports. If the composition of body is not appropriate then sportsmen will not perform with perfection. In short body composition plays a very important role in sports.