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Theirs a quote" somethings are so serious you have to laugh at them".sometimes you don't mean it,or you got the funniest image in your head. People laugh because it's what they think is funny or rather amusing.

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Q: Why do you laugh when someone tells you bad news?
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What does to laugh it off mean?

It means to not take it seriously. e.g. If someone tells you there is bad news you go ha ha ok

What do you call the person who tells you how someone died or how they died?

bearer of bad news..............................

What is the Onion News?

Onion news is a series of fake news reports designed make watchers laugh. The makers wanted it to seem realistic, which they have, so that viewers will decide can I laugh or will it be bad to laugh at this? It's very funny. . .

How do you tell if someone has good or bad news to tell you?

They could be smiling if it is good news or if they are frowning its bad news.

What doesto break the news means?

to say bad news to someone.

Which way is the best way to give someone bad news?

There is no best way to give someone bad news! Whatever you do the news will still be bad, so tell it straight and quickly and then find the best way to console!

What is the adage no news?

No news is good news. It basically means if you haven't heard anything bad about something or someone, then there's hope that nothing bad has happened.

Is it bad if your Bi?

No it's just your nature if someone tells you its bad then they're a homophobe

When you see someone in unusual clothes do you laugh at them?

I would say because if someone laughed at your clothes it would make you feel bad and have low self esteem. but it you are those people who laugh at someone laugh, hair, ect. if that's your nature you need to change or you wont be a good person.

Can shocking news send someone into cardiac arrest?

Absolutely !... There are many documented cases of someone having a heart attack on receipt of very bad news.

Is Facebook good for kids?

Facebook is not good for kidKids could do bad things like someone tells a kid to kill some one see that's bad or someone tells a kids to annoy someone my friend was on Facebook and someone said to my friend to this girl named Maryanne and she did

When someone tells you that you are interesting is that good or bad?

It really depends on the tone that the person says it in.