Why do you human kiss?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because, they feel the need of phisiclly tuching of any part including thr wet moist lips, the also enjoy the feeling it gives to their lips just like a masage but for your lips.

human kiss because they like too. human find interest in kissing it like saying why do dog bark. human have always kiss as a sign of love or just for fun. most games get started by kissing like spin the bottle.

spin the bottle is pretty awesome. but i bet peole kiss ust because they want 2. just 4 fun.& i absolutely love my bf, & were gonna have our 1st kiss 2morrow nite & i bet it will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

My threary on that question is that humans kiss to express felelings such as love. I express love with my girl friend and we kiss onlly to express love. It can aslo be use to help people feel better. When she is sad i give her a small peck on the lips or possibly a cheack.

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Q: Why do you human kiss?
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The longest human kiss was 417 hours.

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A proper kiss requires all 34 muscles in the human face.

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While some people may feel comfortable giving their dog affection in this way, it is generally not recommended to kiss a dog on the snout or allow them to lick one's face. This is because it can potentially transfer bacteria or germs between the dog and human. It's important to show affection to pets in ways that are safe for both parties.

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When you kiss, your body actually prepares for sex. It's a natural human reaction to kissing.

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Because they love humans... by wan lin

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They kiss exactly the same as any human being.Like when a boyand girl kiss, there ain't a speacial way....NOM

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