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I've never heard of that. I'd say that it is possibly calcium deposits or some type of cysts. You should ask your doctor just to be safe.

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Q: Why do you have hard lumps on the arch of your foot?
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What do you call the curved part under your foot?

or you may be thinking of your foot arch

Where is my foot arch and how do I treat pain here?

A foot arch is the part of your foot between the toes or front of your foot, and the heel of the foot. If you have a high arch and do not wear proper shoes with a good arch support you can experience strong pain in this area. You may even want to consider shoe inserts.

What falls in your foot?

The arch !

The foot in your arch?

the arch in your foot helps you move your foot up and down and what not!! :) Um... I think you mean, "The arch in your foot." And it's so you can better distance when you jump and leap about. And to give you just a bit of height. That's my theory.

What is a foots palm called?

a foots palm is called the arch in your foot a foots palm is called the arch in your foot

How can I get rid of foot arch pain?

To get rid of foot arch pain the best way is put out some ice blocks from the freezer. Put these blocks in a towel and slowly rub this towel on the paining foot arch pain.

What is the arch in the foot called?

The Instep

What is the arch that runs obliquely from one side of the foot to the other is what?

transverse arch

How long does it take to form a arch in your foot from wearing high heels?

I don't think an arch will form. heels force the feet into a position that puts stress on the ball of the foot. But inserts and rolling the arch of your foot on a soup can will help

Being overweight affects your foot's arch does the damage of the foot arch affect the spine?

no. if you dont think my answer is clear you can go to or google it

How do you stop the hurting in you arch of the foot after a long day?

you get a beer bottle and roll the arch of your foot over that. the colder the bottle the more relief you will get

Do you have to have an arch to be in pointe class?

No, but it is much easier and it looks much nicer if your foot has an arch ;)