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Well from my own experience, it could be a couple of different things ranging from a physical problem to mental anxiety. Generally feeling sick before sex is not normal, but that doesn't mean its likely to be serious. If you're reading this post for a partners problem, you should keep in mind that likely you are not to blame for his or her problem, so you should not feel insulted. Yet nor should you condemn him or her, because from personal experience it can feel embarrassing and even upsetting. For those of you who have the problem, continue reading for some of my possible explanations.

If it's a severe stomach ache that makes you want to literally almost throw up, then it could be your body reacting to stress and anxiety. Your body can react in many different ways under stress, and one of those ways is to become nauseous. One way you can get overly stressed is to be anxious with excitement over the prospect of sex(like how I get), and you start to get sick, even in the middle of foreplay or if you have just begun. If this keeps happening, it means you've developed something called a conditioned response where you subconsciously associate sex with nausea. You can get rid of it by learning to relax yourself beforehand through a variety of methods, by not eating too much prior to sexual activity, or by consulting a doctor and receiving medication to reduce anxiety or nausea. These will cause you, after some attempts, to not subconsciously associate sex with sickness/vomiting, and instead with the feeling of being relaxed and happy.

Another possible way you could be getting overly stressed is that yours anxious about having sex with your partner because of your partner, not just having sex itself. If this is so, you should probably consider whether or not you feel you or your partner is ready for this commitment as well as discuss this with your partner. When you feel confident that having sex is the right choice, your stress will drop tremendously.

If your sickness drives from another factor other than pure nausea, then (likely) your situation is more physical then mental, like if you develop pain in your genitals or lower abdomen. Keep in mind that some people can get nauseated from pain itself, so if there is nausea AND pain, it's probably a physical problem.

For women sometimes the first ever act of sex or the first act of sex after a long time without sex can be painful. After the first time it should be easier, especially if you wait a little; however, like in any case where pain persists, you should see a doctor if it doesn't go away after the first few times. Again, waiting after the first time can be important so you don't inflame anything before it can heal completely, if that is the real problem.

For men, sometimes being overly stimulated or aroused can be somewhat painful(like me sometimes) like how it would be if you imagined a man taking more than the recommended dose of Viagra. If this kind of pain persists for an extended amount of time, you should consult a doctor. Don't forget that this pain can cause some sick feelings.

For both men and women, any cuts or injures should be allowed to heal before sex for each's sake, because blood is an effective conduit for STDs or other diseases. And again, if any pain or sickness stays for an extended amount of time, you should go to a doctor.

If your issues do not seem to be covered by this post, then I would recommend discussing it with others and/or see a doctor. A doctor will be able to give you a much more informed opinion specially catered to your personal problems. Hopefully this has been helpful!

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If you are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, it is best if you seek the advice of a physician. Only he/she could diagnose this or say if it is an indicator of a more severe problem.

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This is not usual to feel sick during sex. Try some different position next time.

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Q: Why do you feel sick before sex?
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