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Q: Why do you feel like you have to throw up in the morning when you wake up?
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How do you feel when you wake up on a rainy morning?

i feel awsum

How does it feel like to be an immigrant?

To be honest, i feel lucky. It's great to think that i can wake up in the morning, work my butt of and actualy getting somewhere in life!

What you do when you wake up morning feel like lazy?

Because you have just woken up out of sleep which relaxes the body and it's muscles.

When you wake up in the morning how do you feel?


What time did the natives wake up?

they wake up very early in the morning just like we wake up early.

How do you make sentence using wake up?

I don't like to wake up very early in the morning.

Why is it when i wake up every morning i feel depressed?

It could be that you are depressed. You should go see your doctor.

How do you make yourself get tonsillitis?

Dream about tonsillitis and think about it,when you wake up in the morning glug a drink or cough. Hopefully I can't promise but you should feel like ur gettin it

When you wake up why do you feel refreshed?

Well some people do not feel refreshed. But if you do it is just because your body heals itself and does things that cannot be done when you are awake. But like I said a lot of people are not morning people and feel like they are going to die if they even try to take a step out of bed.

How stetching makes you feel?

stretching makes you feel good! stretching is good for you cause it helps wake up in the morning and helps your body movve strong!

Why do people eat then go sleep?

I think people like to sleep peacefully. When you are full, you feel rather sleepy! The people who do that like to wake up the next morning fully rested.(Either that or they are just hungry.)

What time does wake up in the morning?

he wake jp at