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Maybe you haven't had a real relationship recently so have lost the confidence that you once had.... or you have never had a real relationship so feel scared about whether you will do everything right or just don't have any self confidence in yourself!!

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Q: Why do you feel like you are not able to have a relationship?
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How does Bruno feel about his mother's relationship with Kotler?


Is it weird to be single at sixteen?

Of course not. There's no rule that says you have to be in a relationship at any age. If you feel like you should be in a relationship, you feel ready to have one and you have someone with whom you'd like to have a relationship, then go for it. But don't feel like you need to have one because everyone else does.

Why does my friend feel threatened of my new romantic relationship?

Your friend may not feel threatened by your boy/girlfriend but threatened by the fact she may not be able to hangout with you as much anymore or be able to hang alone without your boy/girlfriend there also. maybe he/she feels like a third wheel not having a relationship her/himself. the best way to resolve it would simply be to discuss it with him/her. find out how he/she feels about your new relationship.

What does it mean to commune with God?

To communicate with God, to feel like you have a relationship with God, or to have a relationship with God.

What does falling in love feel like?

there is no actual way its just when it feels right like if your both sewn in together.its not like if your lethargic then you can't be bothered to do anything. you will be able to kiss without them denying you good luck with your relationship.

How do you answer this question how long have you known this person and where did the relationship develop?

You answer it in any way you feel like, or don't answer it at all if you don't feel like it.

If you like your best friend and help them date someone else should you feel gulity for ruining there relationship?

if you set your best friend on a date and you like the person shes dating i'd say dont feelbad for ruining their relationship. but it depends on what you feel like doing. if you wantto rech the relationship in a bad manner, then feel bad. if you do it to help yourself then,dont feel bad.

What do you do when you like somebody and that person is leaving in like 12 days?

You might consider telling the person how you feel, and spend some time with them rather than no time. If you are able to keep up a long distance relationship, you might consider that, but unless you are somehow able to get back together again, it might be hard to maintain a relationship over a long time.

Why does having empathy help relationships?

if you don't care about the person you're in a relationship with then why are you with them? the other person needs to feel like you care or you won't be able to have a deep connection with them. if you don't want a deep connection with them then, again, why are you with them? if you're there to just have fun then maybe you don't feel like you need empathy but think about the other person. are they just there to have fun or do they want a closer relationship?

Should you try this relationship?

Yes if you feel like it. It would all be up to you and your feelings. You might feel better if you try.

What is relationship addiction?

In a nut shell it is a someone who is not be able to be alone. He or She must be in a relationship to function in life thus it is an addiction. Because without being in a relationship the person feels useless. Not true of course but some feel them must have a relationship to be someone.

What does it mean when you feel like something is missing in your relationship?

try to work things out... like talk to each other about the things that are different about the relationship. and see and try to work from there.