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To avoid electrecutions and shocks

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Q: Why do you encourage the patient to urinate prior bed bathing?
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Why do you encourage the client to urinate prior to bed bathing?

we need to encourage the client to urinate prior to bed bathing to avoid electrecutions and shocks.

What must a patient do just prior to a cardiac catheterization?

Just before the test begins, the patient will urinate and change into a hospital gown, then lie flat on a padded table that may also be tilted in order for the heart to be examined from a variety of angles.

When should a dog start lifting their leg to urinate?

2 seconds prior.

How long does it take a male and female parakeet to bond if the male was alone for two years prior to having company?

It can take years,depending on their age.I'd fix a nest box to put in their cage.Sometimes that will help encourage them.Just be patient.

How is the patient prepared for Mohs surgery?

antibiotics may be given to the patient prior to the procedure; this is known as prophylactic antibiotic treatment. Patients are encouraged to eat prior to surgery

Why are women asked not to urinate for several hours before ultrasound?

Women may be asked not to urinate for several hours prior to the test, as a full bladder makes it easier to see the other internal organs.

What restrictions must a patient adhere to prior to a cardiac catheterization?

Because this procedure is categorized as a surgery, the patient will be instructed not to eat or drink anything for at least six hours prior to the test.

Is every patient tested for HIV before surgery?

The patient is not tested for HIV prior to surgery.

What does prior history means?

Normally prior history is the past medical conditions, surgeries, allergies, and hospitalizations that may be important for doctors to understand the patient and treat the patient more effectively and safely.

Do you have to tell the patient before destroying medical record?

No, there's no requirement to notify the patient prior to destruction of old medical records.

The healthcare provider must recognize that every minute wasted may cause loss of evidence and undue trauma To support the forensic evidence process what steps should be initiated?

If drugs are involved, or suspected, and the patient must urinate prior to the arrival of the examiner, a urine sample must be collected and maintained as evidence. Patients should be instructed not to wash, change clothes, urinate, defecate, smoke, drink or eat until after the initial forensic exam.

Should food and water be withheld by patient?

Presumably you mean from the patient. It may be medically necessary on some occasions, prior to surgery for instance.