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I reckon this happens because you feel the need to please him as you dont want to be fired. It happens to most people it's OK you get over it...x

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Q: Why do you always develop romantic feelings for your boss?
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Is the boss always right?

No, the boss is not always right.

Your older married male boss says he is in love with you and you are married but you have feelings for your boss?

Sounds like the perfect time to change jobs.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Boss Is Always Right - 1960?

The Boss Is Always Right - 1960 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved (PCA 06204)

What are the qualities of a good boss?

Always lead by example, and treat yourself as the team "leader" not the "boss".

If a federal prosecutor says an inmate deserves a rule 35C but his superior overrides him who's opinion counts?

The federal prosecutor's supervisor's opinion should be the opinion that counts. "The boss may not always be right, but the boss is always boss."

How do you punctuate bosses boss?

When you are speaking of your bosses boss it would be: Boss's boss. Although U.S. language does not acknowledge the apostrophe Canadians do as the 's means it belongs to the noun. In this case Bosses connected to his boss.

When working with a customer your primary job is to satisfy your boss?

FALSE, always satisfy your customers. All the BOSS wants.

What is the business and personnel?

When someone talks about keeping the buisness and personal separate, they mean its a bad idea to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker or boss.

Why does this kid at your school say that women claim it to always be the man's fault in a relationship?

Cause men are the Boss. Like a boss.

Who was Tattoos boss on Fantasy Island?

Mr. Roarke Tattoo always greated him at the beginning of every episode as "Goodmorning Boss."

How do you use boss in a sentence?

The man standing over the desk is the boss: he owns the company.Jacob liked to boss his little sister, because bossing her always made her angry, which amused him.

Why is the employer sometimes called the boss?

Because they are the ones who run the company and they go through more stress than the employees who work for them. It's important to develop a positive attitude to the boss, otherwise you might as well kiss your job good bye ^^^ Wrong idiot..... -------- because the employer can always tell the employee what to do. True Story Bro.