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Believe it or not some men like to cuddle after sex too. Many prefer to roll over and go to sleep. How crass! LOL Men feel totally exhausted while women are emotional after the sex act, feel deeply in love, realize they have shared themselves with the one they love and just love the feeling of cuddling and feeling secure if only for a few moments. It appears heroes on white horses no longer exist!

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Nature has arranged so that after orgasm there is a period of relaxation. the same applies to the way most men feel. However in the case of women there is an added benefit to this feeling. she lays back and does not stand up immediately making it easier for sperm to make their way to the ovum and effect fertilisation.

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Q: Why do women want to always cuddle after sex?
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Why does a man leave after sex?

He doesn't love you, doesn't want to get close or cuddle with you.

What does your boyfriend mean if he says it doesn't bother him if you leave after sex or if you cuddle?

There is a natural reflex in males of many species (including human) to go to sleep after sex. It is very hard for men to stay awake and chat or cuddle after sex even though women like to do this.

Is all sex is for women just about the connection to their spouse?

No not always, sometimes we just want an orgasm.

How often do men want sex?

unlike women men are always ready to go, women have to be built up to it sometimes but the male on/off switch is pretty much always on

What can a young teenage couple do alone that doesnt involve sex we already kiss but we want to try new things Ideas?

there's always oral sex, feeling each other up, stare into each others eyes, talk to each other, cuddle, cuddle while watching and overly sappy movie, cook cookies, learn to dance.

What do men really want in women?

sex sex

How do you know if your man is satisfy with you?

Whenever he's in a bad mood and your not trying to use sex to put him in a good mood cause women will think guys are easy to manipulate. Besides women always want to have sex whenever they want it just to give themselves more power but a man always gets rejected. Women never care about a man's feelings.

When a women tells a man to come and lay with her and he does what does this mean?

Either she wants to have sex or she wants to cuddle or she wants to have a talk. The fact he lays with her means he is curious as to which one it is.

What do American men want physically emotionaly and romanticaly from any age women?

Physically: they want sex. Emotionally: they want sex. Romantically: they want sex.

Why do he always want sex?

Only People Who Have Sex Addictions Want Sex Constantly.

Is less sex or no sex good for women?

Like with men, it depends on the women. It also depends on the age. Most women love and want sex as much as men do.

Why do men always want sex?

Because of the male hormone testosterone. That is the hormone that makes us horny, women too, and men have a lot of it.