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A woman still gets a period after having her tubes removed or tied because she still has her ovaries which is what cause her to have a menstrual cycle. She still has her womb as well, and that is where the blood builds up, waiting for the body to signal that a pregnancy has not occured. If the womb has been removed and the ovaries left in place, the woman will not bleed but will still feel normal cyclical monthly changes.

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Q: Why do women still get their perirds after they have their tubes removed?
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Why when women get fixed or tubes tied do they still minstrate unlike when you get your cat or dog fixed?

Women still menstruate after getting tubal ligation or a hysterectomy because these procedures only affect the ability to conceive and do not interfere with the hormonal processes that regulate the menstrual cycle. In contrast, when animals are spayed/neutered, their reproductive organs are removed, which typically stops the heat cycle in females.

Is their any fallopian tubes transplant for women without tubes?


Can a women who has removed 1 of her fallopian tube still ovulate and have a period each month?

Yes They Can

How do you get estrogen if you had uterus and ovaries removed?

Usually women who have had their ovaries removed have to go through hormone replacement therapy or take a hormone pill.

Why do women get there toubs tightend up?

When women have their tubes tied, it is done as a method of birth control. It is permanent and involves sealing a woman's fallopian tubes.

Can a women get pregnant after she had her tubes tied?


If part of prostate removed still the male can father a bibi?

Yes, men can still father children after prostate surgery. If the prostate is removed, the sperm will be extracted and implanted in the women via In Vitro Fertilization or artificial insemination.

How many guys have their tubes tied?

None. Women have their fallopian tubes tied when they no longer want to get pregnant.

Are women still able to be donars with tied tubes?

I assume you mean egg donors and the answer is no. Normally you would undergo hormonal treatment so you have more egg than usual and then they would suck them out but that would now be impossible since the tubes are tied.

Percentage of women who get pregnant after the get their tubes tied?

less than 2% of wemen get pregnant after their tubes have been tied.

Could i be pregnant when my overies hurt when it's about 3 weeks before my period and i had my tubes tied for 13 years now?

No. Sounds to me like you are feeling the ovulation. Many women get an ache during ovulation. Even though your tubes are tied you still ovulate.

How can a women become pregunaut after she has had her tubes tied and burned?

She Can't