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Many women through out the world have to become prostitutes to help themselves and others in their family. Sometimes the women are kidnapped and are forced into this but never ever do they do prostitution to fill in their addiction.

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Q: Why do women choose to become prostitutes?
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Why do women have a higher risk of being poor?

They dont because if they are poor then they can become prostitutes!

Why did young women become prostitutes?

some are litterally forced into it, adn others feel that it is their only option

How are sluts and prostitutes different?

== == "Sluts" applies to promiscuous women. "Prostitutes" are women who are paid for sexual acts.

What are the main reasons for prostitution?

I assume it's obvious the main reason women become prostitutes is for the money. Given that, the secondary reasons vary but sexual curiosity is a major one. Escort or Call Girl prostitutes motivations are usually different than street prostitutes. Street prostitutes often need the money to pay for a drug habit. Escorts are more likely to have a sexual interest. These comments should be understood in the context that different researchers have different opinions on the reasons women choose prostitution.

Why women choose to become nun?

its a religious thing

Are there male prostitutes?

Yes, there are male prostitutes, who mostly go with men, but there are some who go with women.

What were women's jobs in the pre-industrial period?

They were prostitutes and lived on the streets They were prostitutes and lived on the streets

What jobs did women pursue in mining camps during the gold rush?

Women had very little to choose from as far as work. They could work in the laundry, cook, sew, and become a prostitute. In the gold camps they were mainly prostitutes. When families came with children later in the gold rush they could teach.

How many women in United Kingdom are prostitutes?

There are 45lack women prostitute in UK.

Why do people become prostitutes?

So they can make money.

What job would a women in the 1800s have?

Prostitute, there all prostitutes.

What kind of women would give herself to a men?


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