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Q: Why do we need to stay fit and acieve wellness?
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Why do you need to eat dark green vegetables?

to stay healthy and fit

Why do you need PE?

to stay fit and be healthy oh yer and hi

What has the author Gwen Robbins written?

Gwen Robbins has written: 'A fit way of life' -- subject(s): Physical fitness 'A Wellness Way of Life with HealthQuest 3.0 CD and Exercise Band' 'A Fit Way of Life with Exercise Band' 'A wellness way of life' -- subject(s): Health 'A Wellness Way of Life with HealthQuest 4.0 CD and Exercise Band' 'A wellness way of life' -- subject(s): Health 'A Wellness Way of Life with Exercise Band' 'A Wellness Way of Life with HealthQuest 4.2 CD-ROM and Exercise Band'

Do dogs keep you fit?

ummm, I dont think that having a dog will keep you fit, but the things you do with your dog like playing with, or taking it for a walk may help you stay fit. So you dont really need a Dog to stay fit.

Why do you need sports?

You need sports to stay fit and to keep your heart in good shape

What are the main vegetable to stay fit?

any vegetables you eat will help you stay fit

Why do you need plants to eat why not just eat meat?

because your body needs nutrients lots of them to stay fit.

Why do people need exercise to stay healthy?

People need exercise to stay healthy because it keeps them fit. But exercising is not the only way to stay healthy. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can also keep you healthy. You don't always have to depend on exercising to stay healthy. But it is important to be active.

Does water help you from being fat?

yes it does because it has the vitamin nutrients and fibre you need for your body to stay fit and healthy.

What type of services does the website Wellness Works provide?

Wellness Works provides In Home Personal Training and related services to people who live in the greater Boston area. Their focus is on helping the Baby Boomers to remain fit and independent.

Is it possible to be healthy without being fit?

Yes. But being fit is the icing on the cake. Fitness brings an extra serving of mobility and energy. You can get out and do more stuff if you're fit. The "chemistry" associated with doing a bit to get or stay fit has time and again been shown to contribute to wellness, slowed aging and a host of other things. When the "big picture" is seen as regards a person's health, there should be a little fitness activity in there somewhere. Your body will thank you for it.

Do wolves and dogs need to stay fit?

Yes, or they run the risk of catching pretty much the same diseases as unfit humans get.