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Crushes can be so hard because it's an exciting, yet daring thing to have one. The whole keeping-it-a-secret thing and the whole getting-your-friend-to-find-out-if-they-like-you-back thing. It takes up so much time and energy, yet at the moment, there's nothing you'd rather do. You dadydream about them, night-dream about them, you name it, it's about them. So if things don't work, you're instantly crushed because even if part of you knew that they would never like you back, another part liked to imagine and hope that secretly, they did. That little tiny bit of hope is what got you wishing and now that there's no hope, life seems lost. But a tiny bit of advice: I've been through a lot of crushes, thought I would never love anyone else, but I always managed to get another one by the end of the week!

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They teach us about relationships and allow us to get ready to have a relationship. Life is about learning and in many cases we have to take baby steps before we take the larger ones. Crushes are just that. Baby steps.

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Q: Why do we have crushes at a young age?
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Is it bad when in have a crush at age 11?

no everyone has crushes when there young

What age do most people get crushes?


What do you do if your little sister has crushes on people that are older and she is 9?

You explain to her that she's a little young for crush's and get her focused on something more age appropriate.And if this does not help then maybe a parent should be aware of her curiosity.

What is a way to get a boy to tell you that he likes you?

Honestly, you are too young to date but you can still have crushes. Boys generally at your age are too immature for girls and relationships now. But keep them as friends and something may happen in the future.

Are you allowed to have crushes when you are going out with someone?

* If you are steady dating then no, you shouldn't have crushes towards other young men. If you feel you want to play the field then you should be honest with your boyfriend and break your relationship off so you can date other young men. If in doubt, take a walk in his shoes!

Is it wrong to have a crush at the age of 13?

I don't think so. I was around 8 when I had my first crush. It is normal to have a crush at that age or any age for that matter. I know a lot of people who have had their first crushes when they were in elementary school. It is normal, sweetheart.

Advise for young girls with crushes?

Keep them as crushes.. don´t date quite yet. enjoy life and enjoy being single! Get good grades and guys should come later after school is done..

What are the forms of love among young people?

Young people experience puppy love or first love, crushes, romantic love, and sexual desire. There are many forms of love that young people can feel.

If I am are 12 years old and I fancy this boy who is 17 years old Do you think its ok Is he too old for me. Please help me?

Many of us at your age had 'crushes' on someone older and there is nothing more frustrating, but it is part of life. I am sorry to say you are too young for this young man, but enjoy that 'crush' you feel for awhile and eventually you will move on. I had many crushes on older boys and even one of my cousin's husbands (who was about 30 at the time) and I was only your age. Love hurts and there is no getting around it, but as you grow older love can be a wonderful thing and you'll have your chance to enjoy it. The law also forbids any young man of 17 from dating a young person such as yourself. Like myself when I was young just admire him from afar and talk to your girlfriends about it if you like or simply keep your feelings to yourself. As time goes on you will be interested in someone else.

Crushes sons name?

squirt is Crushes sons name

What are the three crushes?

the three crushes are local, long distant's and celebrity

Why do you have crushes?

Crushes are used for experimenting relationships. They are forshadowing themselves for the future.