Why do teens where goodnites?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't know. I love wearing diapers and goodnites and I'm a 15 year old male. They are so comfortable and I just like wetting my pants.

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Q: Why do teens where goodnites?
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Are goodnites for teens or kids?

Goodnites are intended for children and younger teens.

Can teens who weigh 200 pounds fit in goodnites?

Most likely not. Goodnites are made of children and teens up to about 125 pounds. They can stretch, but 200 lbs is likely beyond the limit.

When was GoodNites created?

GoodNites was created in 1994.

What are goodnites diapers or training pants?

Goodnites are disposable diapers which mimic underwear. However, now there is a boxer style of goodnites.

How do you change Goodnites?

You slip Goodnites on and off just like underwear.

Are there goodnites underpants for adults?

Goodnites are not intended for adults but will fir a smaller-sized adult. Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer of Goodnites, makes Depends for adults.

Is there something more discreet than pullups goodnites for your daughter in hotels?

There are some claims that the competitor for Goodnites, called "Underjams" are more discrete.

Should a 13 year old girl wear Goodnites?

yes they're girls older than thirteen who need to wear goodnites diapers

How are goodnites different from diapers?

goodnites are for the night when they dont know how to wake up to go and dipers are for when they are younger and dont know that there supposed to use the toilet

Should you use boys or girls goodnites?

im a boy and recommend the girls goodnites because they are more absorbent for older kids, if they are younger but wet lightly use the boys ones

Are Goodnites made for teens?

Yes I wear them they fell just like diapers i wore them when i had bed wetting problems and i wore them all day and just used them just like diapers so yeah they will fit a teen im 21

What is the difference between boys and girls goodnites?

Girl's Goodnites are most absorbent in the middle while the boy's version is most absorbent in the front and has extra room in the front as well for the anatomical differences.